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Boost your business visibility!

The annual BONJOUR BUSINESS expo aims to bring together, under one roof, 60 to 75 Francophone and Francophile entrepreneurs from Greater Vancouver, and to invite the general public – Francophone, Anglophone and Allophone – to discover and explore all the creativity and diversity of their product and service offering.

Why become a partner of BONJOUR BUSINESS?

By sponsoring this unique event in Vancouver, you will:

• benefit from increased visibility and notoriety among the general public (of all ages, ethnicities and languages), Francophone and Francophile entrepreneurs, and federal and provincial organizations

• Benefit from significant promotion before, during and after the event

• Position your company’s products and services to potential partners

• support the development, growth and influence of Greater Vancouver’s Francophone and Francophile business community

The Francophone Chamber of Commerce of Vancouver offers different partnership and sponsorship opportunities, to allow any business to contribute to this great event, regardless of its size, industry or resources:

  • 5 different levels of sponsorships: Privilege, Platine, Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • In-kind donations, gifts, and various contributions 
  • Advertising in our digital booklet
  • Donations a Friends of the CCFV

To learn more about different partnership opportunities and receive our sponsorship kit, please contact Louise Turgeon at